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About me

I am driven by Mother Teresa’s words: “Our Job is to LOVE each other without stopping to inquire if they are worthy.” and I have made this a key principle within all areas I have chosen to work in.

Having worked in ordained ministry for many years and spending the last 10 years as a Chaplain within the private healthcare sector, I have had the privilege of working closely with many people on their final journey.

This has led me to develop my skills, and become a passionate advocate for, Spiritual, Pastoral, End of Life and Bereavement Care. I believe that excellence in care is vital and this can only be fully achieved when we care for people as individuals and ensure that the care they receive is holistic, and person centred and not just a plan for  meeting their medical needs.

Having had the honour of working in the care sector for many years I have gained qualifications in many areas including, Community Chaplaincy, Grief and Bereavement Counselling, End of Life Care, Spiritual Care as well as becoming a qualified Soul Midwife and TLC Trainer. I am also proud to hold Fellowships with the Society of Bereavement Practitioners and The Faculty of Funeral Celebrants.

“Ash has a profoundly deep understanding of people and their needs. His gentle, insightful support is complemented by a sensitive, professional approach that leaves you in no doubt that everything will be dealt with, leaving you with no worries.”

Louise Morris

What is Soul Midwifery

Soul Midwives are here to support those who are facing the end of their lives, not only to have a dignified, gentle death and enable their choices, but to help them truly LIVE as well.
As a Soul Midwife I regard every dying person as if he, or she, is the most important person in the world. I work with the dying person and use a range of skills to soothe and offer reassurance at the most challenging of times. I offer non-denominational pastoral support, encouraging deep conversation, with love and dignity.

You may want me to work with you or your family member from point of diagnosis and continue until the final day of life, offering encouragement and support for living life fully, until the end, or you may just want me to be there in the final days and hours to help support you and your loved ones or something in-between. All these are possible. So I can help with …

My most important role is to provide comfort, continuous support and reassurance in helping a dying person to experience a tranquil and dignified end to life.

“Ashley always has a listening ear and will do his upmost to do what he can to help you when times are hard and always makes himself available. I’m not a religious person, but to Ashley that does not matter, he will do his best to meet the needs of the individual person and does a fantastic job of upholding the religious needs for individuals. Ashley also has much life experience and this make all of his training worth listening too “

Karen Ferguson

TLC Training for Carers

TLC is a simplified version of Soul Midwifery, developed by award-winning Felicity Warner and the Soul Midwives School. It is based on practical skills, and sits perfectly in mainstream care settings, with no conflict with the medical profession.

TLC workshops support anyone working either professionally or personally with the dying, giving simple, practical ideas and skills that can really help with the quality of their end of life care.

Who is it for?

What will you learn?

“Ashley’s celebrations are unique, beautiful and truly reflect the wishes of the people he serves, ensuring each celebration is full of joy and love” Rev Brett Western-Jones

Funeral Celebrancy

Ashley Liddington - Soul Care For All

As a funeral celebrant I am here to help you to plan an order of service for the celebration of life / funeral of your loved one.

My role is to ensure that it reflects how you want the person to be remembered and how they lived their life. We can look at things like funeral poems, readings, songs and hymns you’d like, as well as who you’d like to play a part in the service.

We can even look at location and the right place to final lay your loved one to rest after cremation etc (Scattering / interment of ashes) Some religious faiths have very specific funeral rites and prayers, which I can include and lead in the ceremony. The most important thing is that together we create a unique and personal celebration of the persons life.

Covid-19 Response

Soul Midwives UK are offering free phone support during the Covid-19 crisis. Please use the Contact Form on the Soul Midwives Portal site and include ‘SOS’ in the message. A qualified Soul Midwife volunteer will return your call as soon as possible and will be able to arrange a 30-minute support call.

What People Say

Lisa Reid
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"Ashley is literally one of the kindest funniest laid back people I know. He’s the guy you can tell anything and he makes you feel like the most important person with his amazing listening skills followed by guidance support and advice. Ashley is so wonderful with people and he holds a special place is so many lives, I guess the term so many hold a torch from him. He just seems to have a naturally ability to ease pain and give hope."
Emma Smith
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"After having known Ashley for many years, his ability to reach out to many of our staff members as well our residents never ceases to amaze me. He is so passionate about his role and has always gone way above to ensure that he is able to support whoever is needing that support at that time. Staff, residents, family members and visitors are all truly blessed to have Ashley working alongside them, whether this through his training or through his pastoral support. Thank-you Ashley for all you do."
Ms Baker
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"I just wanted to send you a message to say thank you so much for the beautiful service you gave for my nan’s funeral last week. We could not have asked for a better service for her – your words were perfect. Thank you so much"
Karen Fitzgerald
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" Ashley has a unique insight into people's needs. He provides a compassionate, beautiful, relevant ceremony which reflects the individuality, spirituality, humanity and cultural needs of the clients and their situations. You are guaranteed a personal, professional service, and you will come away feeling blessed"
Ms Davis
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"Thank you for the beautiful service that you took last week for my dearest sisters funeral. Everyone said it was very emotional, and you gave such an excellent speech (about her) helping us to remember her with such fondness"
Mr & Mrs Hodge
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"We wish to thank you for leading the celebration of dads life at Poole crematorium. You eloquently put into words a perfect tribute to dad- I think he would have been smiling, not turning his head the other ways and eyes closed. We know that he really enjoyed your services and your one to ones, so once again thank you"

Let's Talk

As you can hopefully see, I have a passion for supporting people on their final journey. If anything that you have read strikes a chord in you or your loved ones and you would like an informal chat (with absolutely NO pressure) please get in touch and we can talk though your situation discuss what support I can offer.

All workshops, support or services are available in person, via email, WhatsApp or Zoom etc which ever you are most comfortable with.

I look forward to talking with you soon.

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Ashley Liddington - Soul Care For All

Or call me on 07981 689 395

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